Albert Prewett (foreground) in the print room operating an Arab platen letter press printing machine which was driven by a gas engine via the overhead pulley system.
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Picture of the shop front c1913
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The business now known as Horders Thornbury Press is, in fact, a continuation of the business founded by Albert Prewett around 1900 as printers, newsagents and general stationers. Mr Prewett retired in 1936 and the shop was taken over by his daughter, Madge, and her husband Percy Horder.

The print side of the business was carried on by the Prewett's son, Alex, who was eventually taken up with war work after 1939. Thereafter, this side of the business feel into decline until he died in 1970.

In 1972 the business was resurrected by David Horder and his wife, Betty, who modernised the facility by disposing of the original letterpress system and installing offset litho presses. With no customer base it was a long struggle to get established once again.

The present owner is the founder's great-grandson, Michael Horder, who continues to modernise and improve both the shop and the printing department, aided by excellent staff.

All is now well despite the impact of out-of-town shops. There is a good customer base, mainly small local businesses, but also some multi-nationals. Albert Prewett would be proud to see his business go into the next century.